Overdrive Mining and Trading

Cryptoverdrive is strategic consultancy team who specialize in the field of crypto currency.
We make sure to continuously plan and discuss strategic ways on how to trade and mine cryptocurrencies.


Investment Plans

Long Overdrive


AFTER 30 days

$10.00 - $10000.00

Cryptoverdrive Trading


Daily FOR 20 days

$10.00 - $100000.00

Short Overdrive


AFTER 20 days

$10.00 - $100000.00

Welcome to Cryptoverdrive

Cryptoverdrive is strategic consultancy team who specialize in the field of crypto currency. We make sure to continuously plan and discuss strategic ways on how to trade and mine bitcoins.

Cryptoverdrive paves its way to the top of crypto currency industry. Our goal is to guide and lead our investors to a rapid increase in their bitcoins or any other crypto currencies.

Cryptocurrencies requires a lot of multidisciplinary approach to understand it and to successfully invest in them. We can coach our investors on how to maximize big monthly/daily incomes thru mining and trading crypto currency.

Crowd-funding allows us to give our investors the flexibility and options in deciding on how and when to successfully invest their money. In addition, it helps us to improve our mining farms by buying the powerful mining machines and help our members to profit on their funds.

We are persistently build our company as one of the leading traders in crypto currency and be able to consistently provide our investors the best possible ways gain their bitcoin and other crypto currency

Frequently Asked Questions

To begin participating with Cryptoverdrive, you need to create an account on our website.
You need a valid e-mail address and credentials to register an account with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.
You can use the retrieve password on the login page. If that wont work please contact support@cryptoverdrive.com
No, you are not required to have an active deposit in order to earn referral commission.
We can only do it for you please send message on the support section or email us at support@cryptoverdrive.com. We do not allow editing of e-mail address by yourself in order to ensure your account security. Proof of ownership of the account is required prior to editing your e-mail address on file for you.
You can register without an upline.
The minimum deposit is $10 for all plan packages.
The minimum withdrawal is $1 for all payment processor.
We use real-time rates of the crypto currencies we accept.
If you use Crypto Currency you need to wait for 3 confirmation on the blockchain. For Payeer and Perfect money it is instant. If your deposit was not added please contact support@cryptoverdrive.com
Depends on which plan you deposited to. If you deposited in the Cryptoverdrive Trading plan, your earnings will be credited to your balance after 24 hours from the time stamp of your deposit posting. For the Long and short overdrive plan, you will need to wait for 30/20 days before your earnings show up in your account balance, which should include your principal and your earnings altogether.
Anytime, you can request for a withdrawal and we will process the withdrawals for you.
Please allow anywhere from 12 to 48 hours for your withdrawal to get processed. We will try to process withdrawals as soon as possible for your convenience.
You may contact us for your commission to be added. Provided that you are the actual upline of alleged downline.

Why Choose Us?

DDoS Protected

Security is our number priority!

Reputable Company

Cryptoverdrive can handle your investments confidently without transferring the risks to you.

Low Cost of Entry

With our 3 investment plans our minimum deposit is only $10.

Multi Payment System

We accept multiple payment method.(Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin Cash,Dash,Litecoin, Payeer and Perfect Money)

4 Levels Referral Program

We offer a simple straight-forward referral system, all direct referrals will net you 4% of their investments. 2nd Level referrals will earn 3%, 3rd Level 2% and 4th level is 1%

4% - 1st Level

3% - 2nd Level

2% - 3rd Level

1% - 4th Level


Running Days

Duration of the company operates.


Total Members

Total Investors of Cryptoverdrive.

$ 195895.11

Total Deposits

Total amount invested on Cryptoverdrive.

$ 88590.19

Total Withdrawals

Total Withdrawal of all investors.

Latest Transactions

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Support Center

You may submit all your inquiries for our team via this support ticket form. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.